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China robot industrial park blossom everywhere
With the rapid development of China's economy and the reform of China's health care policy, the demand for packaging in various fields is increasing rapidly, and the demand for pharmaceutical packaging machinery is increasing rapidly. This has promoted the development of China's commodity packaging machinery at a certain level.
Throughout the industry, we found that the overall technical level of domestic packaging machinery is relatively backward, the mechanical equipment manufacturing can not meet the growing demand for society. In addition, the industry has not improved the development plan, the government lacks the corresponding macro-control, resulting in the development of domestic packaging machinery is relatively slow. The new type of packaging machinery is often the mechanical and electrical equipment, the most recent results of the use of information products. The design staff of Chinese general enterprise is not proficient in the electronic products, the choice of electronic accessory products is also relatively small, which greatly limits the upgrading of the level of packaging machinery.
Many foreign new packaging machinery mostly adopted the separation of transmission technology, making the whole machine transmission chain greatly shortened, the structure is simplified, and the working accuracy and speed is greatly improved. One of the core technologies is the adoption of a multi motor drive of the synchronization technology. Another core technology is the adoption of a large number of servo drive. At present, most of the design personnel in China do not choose the servo mechanism and its control system. Advanced packaging machinery is a large number of new detection systems, to ensure the stability and reliability of packaging machinery. With automation vendors of industry penetration increases with the information technology development, more and more designers accepted advanced automation technology, and the use of advanced automation products in order to improve machine performance.
The overall level of China's packaging machinery than the level of developed countries lag years, apart from domestic manufacturers of the technical level of the upgrade, the foreign manufacturers of localized production of the automation level of packaging machinery in our country raise a very large role in promoting. The internationalization trend is charge machinery has always been pursuing, but slogans alone it is not enough, pharmaceutical packaging machinery to set foot on the international stage, relatively high-end towards the must conform to the development trend of the times, put modern technology into production machinery, thus completing the equipment of intelligent and efficient.
Stand on the international stage has been China's machinery charge seeking. At present, China's efforts to meet the needs of the international market and the production of goods, but also the need for international standards of packaging. Therefore, China's packaging machinery market must be more efforts to improve the technical level, accelerate and international standards. Is China's drug packaging into the world.

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